Commission: Verified

My client is a Colorado dispensary and grow, launching a new signature strain for retail.

I was commissioned to design the look and feel of the signature brand, and the corresponding retail packaging. The name of the brand is “Verified”, as-in quality tested and approved. I wanted to play off that, and incorporate a feel consumers would recognize.

On social media, a verified account is represented with a check-mark. My intent was to subconsciously reinforce that quality standard.

Verified - Cannabis brand designed by Jermaine Jude

Font Theory

I chose this font to convey a youthful, and bold feel. I wanted a script font that was heavy enough to stand alone, and function in future promotional items like apparel & stickers.  


I used the colors black, gold & white to further express the feel of a higher-end product.

  • BLK


  • Gold


  • WHT