Now, if you’ve ever been around me when talking about gaming, you would know I took a pretty strong stance on the nintendo wii being my prefered system. For years, I fought all the “thumb banger” Sony & Microsoft faithfuls every day..

My argument was always about the experience difference between the Wii & all other platforms.  Although I had what I consider to be very valid points about why it was better, they always shot me down on graphics and game selection.  Some of my favorite games to play  on the wii were.. BOWLING (never gets old), Mario Kart , Star Wars & almost any sports game..

Of course, I couldnt be happier knowing I could play someone else online, that had to physically beat me in the game versus having a nice button combo..  (what does that say about me?)

 I was so into racing I even recorded them for youtube..  watch this online race.

Back then I was convinced I was onto something… and I was. (A Reality Check)

I spent a few minutes hanging out in Best Buy and in no time, I was hooked! The Kinect gave me everything I was looking for and then some.. I still couldn’t and wouldn’t go admit I may have been wrong about my stance. In my mind, my point was still being made.  Its way better to actually “play” the game, than it is to sit down for hours and “thumb” around with a controller in your hand..

What I loved about the Wii was now on steroids with the xbox 360.. my avatar was created in my image and I never looked back..