Commission: Fizz Fight

“The world’s first hard seltzer festival and tasting competition” in Denver, CO.

In 2019, I had the pleasure of being brought on-board to create a “vibe” for a new festival concept in Denver. My goal was to produce something that told the story in a clean, fun and “instagram-able” way. I chose to incorporate elements into the design that addressed the product as well as the competition aspect of the event.

Font Theory

I chose this font because after further research into the seltzer industry, I was able to determine a reoccurring style within the industry. I did however, further modified this san-serif font to create the final desired look I was going for. 

Color Use:

I chose to use shades of blue to help reinforce liquid & bubbles in the various drinks available at the festival. 

  • Blue


  • Light Blue


  • cup
  • Slide
  • Slide
  • Slide
  • Slide

Collateral Background Assets

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